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At Miss Fleiss Escorts our standards are very high, all of our Glamours are extremely attractive. We have several professional models, dancers and fitness instructors. Our Glamours are delicious and we guarantee you will not have any 'unpleasant surprises' when you deal with them.
At Miss Fleiss we offer many and varied services and we like to make sure you are truly happy with your choice of lady. Please call Rose ob 0425 318 487 so that  we may arrange a first class service and Glamour to suit your needs.

The Look At Miss Fleiss Escorts
All of the Glamours are attractive, natural, pretty and possess the certain special something. The groomed look starts from the inside and the ladies place great emphasis on health and fitness. Shiny, healthy hair, a beautiful smile and manicured hands and feet are the very minimum to be expected.

Miss Fleiss considers it very important for the Glamours to have a fashionable, elegant delightful wardrobe, from beautiful lingerie, to elegant high heels and outfits. The Glamours are also well turned out on less formal occasions for leisure activities. Their make-up is discreet and compliments every occasion perfectly. Impeccable manners and conduct are only to be expected. Each Glamour possesses her own personality and erotic charm! The Glamoirs in our renowned Escort Service are self assured, confident and poised without being arrogant or pretentious. They revel in their femininity and radiate charm. Some Glamours like to flirt with their eyes, some with their body and some with their charming and witty conversation skills. Some Glamours combine all these in a truly charming and irresistable way. You will find the Glamours truly enchanting and delightful company that will make your date a truly pleasurable experience.
Miss Fleiss Escorts are the finest quality special companions and NOT 'red light girls'. Singles that like to meet new people, that love adventure, intimation and excitement. The service provided by the Glamour is seductive, relaxing and erotic. The motto is passion. You being a gentlemen, appreciating standards and hygiene will find their services most satisfactory and representing good value. A true happy, intimate experience.

Miss Fleiss was Australia'a first High Class escort agency and after 28 years are still the best.

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